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Affordable Groceries for Everyone

Whenever you're in need, may it be for food or groceries, we are here to help. Groceries2You's purpose is to provide fresh food to everyone at affordable prices. Have no means of travel, no problem. We will come to you and provide your groceries to your home. We work with local grocery stores to provide food at little to no cost to San Jose residents who need it.

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About Groceries2You

Groceries2You is a non-profit organization that will provide fresh food and groceries to low-income families on a tight budget and with no means of transportation. Groceries2You is solely based on helping people in our community. You have the choice to order your groceries on our website and pick them up at a local establishment. Groceries2You can also arrive at your door to collect order and later drop off. Groceries2You serves in San Jose.

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Order Your Groceries Now!

Coming soon... Online Ordering!

To order your groceries just click one the "Order Now" button and it will take you to a list. In this list, there will be certain necessary groceries and a check box in front of them. Check off the groceries you will be needing and press submit. It's that simple!

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How To Order Online

The ordering process is super simple. Order online and we can come straight to your door in a 24-hour time frame. Or you can come to a local establishment to pick your groceries up. We will be at a different establishment each week. The establishment of the week will be updated on our website each week. Happy ordering!

Get To Know Us

Get to know the creators of Groceries2You


Samaarah Siddiqui

Hello! I’m Samaarah! I love reading, digital art, and entrepreneurship. I’m good at coming up with ideas to help our business. My focus in this business is to help families get the necessities they need. I think because I am hard-working and innovative it can really help our team reach our goal of helping people all around us.

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Savannah Wong

Hi! I’m Savannah! I enjoy learning about our world history. My focus in this entrepreneurship class it to learn business and marketing that I can take with me in my future. I love playing softball and hockey. Some personality traits that I can use to contribute to my team is that I’m creative, determined, and love helping others reach their goals.

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Chloe Kim

Hey y’all, I’m Chloe! I’m happy to be apart of the team for Groceries2You. A bit about me, I love trying out new things and have hobbies such as sports, speech & debate, and love traveling. I joined the Operation Blue Sky in hopes of gaining skills on business and learning about it, and was able to start on  Groceries2You with my team. I’m stubborn and won’t give up on things that easily and I hope through this project my team and I will be able to reach a lot of people and help those in need.  

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